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John C, Eastbourne, E. Sussex


"I have been going to Joanna now for about 2 and a half months. In that time she has made a very big difference to my ability to be able to carry on working and just be able to get about on a daily basis. 

The massage she gives me has made so much difference that I can now get about with much less pain 

The massage consists of from the back of the neck to the feet which has relieved much of the swelling in my hands and knees and has got rid of most of the pain.

The Japanese Vibrational Sound Healing has made an unbelievable difference to the swelling and pain in my hands. They look about ten years younger and feel it. The music I find is very relaxing and helpful along with the vibrational therapy 

I most certainly will be carrying on with the treatment for as long as needed"



M. Spall, Norfolk.

I have been coming down to Sussex every 2 weeks to visit my parents.  Whenever I come I always make time to have a sound treatment with Joanna.  I just cannot get enough of this.  The way I feel after a treatment is beyond relaxed.  I get to a point of stillness in my mind and my body and this really helps me deal with stressful situations I have to deal with.  I think the treatment re-sets me.

Sahdia Ali

"By far the best massage i have ever had, the perfect pressure and so relaxing"

Yasmin Watson

"Joanna is an excellent masseur, intuitive and effective - i organize retreats for ladies and will always be booking her to offer massages for the retreats.  Would definitely recommend".