Mindfulness in the care home

Massage Therapy


Therapeutic touch is so beneficial to clients who are bed bound, chair bound or house bound.  Spending time attending to their aches and pains is time well spent.  

For a client living with dementia, a gentle hand on the back can remind the body of the love they experienced in their past.   Actively listening to a lady of 103 years old speak about how her body is failing her might offer her a person centred experience and within this she feels accepted and validated. 

 There is nothing we should not do for our elders.

Guided meditations


 Participants are invited to join in a guided relaxation exercise.   We begin with a simple check in.  We might do some deep breathing  and then we close our eyes and go on a journey. This encourages embodiment, acceptance and calm.  Regular practise is encouraged.

Sensory activities


Nothing takes the mind back to a memory like a smell or a tune.  A range of  fruits, herbs, spices, flowers and music are used to remember.  We tell stories about what these aromas meant for us.