Mandala Workshop

Mandalas can be as intricate and artistic as you like.


A mandala workshop is an enjoyable but focused workshop to teach children or adults to a wonderfully uplifting method  of mind massage using breath and words. 

 You will learn to focus your breathing and your thoughts while creating your own work of art using positive words of your choice that have meaning for you.

'Kotodama' is a Japanese concept that words have a power and a living energy to them.   

Mandalas can be made as a group effort.


 Choosing and using words wisely and using them as an art form of empowerment has been deeply practised  in Japanese culture since they started writing calligraphy in the 4th century.  

Whatever words you choose to speak, write or chant will bring that energy into your life!  

This workshop helps us focus on manifesting the power of words by incorporating them into your own personal mandala.  

This mandala is made out of words.


 You will take away either a small completed mandala or start on and continue to work on a larger, more transformational piece of work for yourself.  Whatever you make is personal to you and unique.  I find many people enjoy the energy they get from their mandala and they use them in meditation or just as a unique piece of work on the wall.  

Workshops of 4 people or more. Children over 4 is the general guideline.

 Contact  me for further details.