Japanese Sound Therapy

The Kita Biosonic


 In Japan,  Zen gardening, cherry blossom watching and Forest Bathing among other pursuits hone the practice of just arriving in nature 'to be'.  This, they know, lowers their heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production and boosts the immune system.  Nature equals well-being. 

Apart from scientific stuff like positive ions and phytoncide (antimicrobial allelochemic volatile organic compounds  from plants), it is generally thought to be that the natural vibrations (of the forest, the sea, animals, birds and insects) that affect humans symbiotically.  Such deep reverence for nature becomes a national spirituality.    

Disease comes when isolation and disconnect from nature goes on for too long.  

As a member of the Society for Harmonic Science in Tokyo, I  trained in a dynamic, innovative form of sound therapy.  This method uses the power of vibration to positively affect the body and mind.  A mixture of natural recorded and electronic sounds are transmitted gently through the body as you sit or lay down.  

Sonic vibrations are directed along the meridians of the body.   These vibrations are working for us at cellular and energetic level.

 This is called Kita Bio-sonic Peace Machine.  

Sound waves are a gentle yet powerful way of re-tuning the body systems.


Sound travels through the air in waves at 340 metres per second.    When  sound travels through water it speeds up to 1,200 metres per second.  So our bodies being 70% water lets the sound literally pass right through us.  When those same sound waves hit dense objects like bones and teeth the waves speed up more to 5,600 metres per second.  The human body is a natural sound absorber and can be positively or negatively affected by it down to  cellular information.

The Kita Biosonic has been used in clinics, doctor surgerys, dentists, spas and by private clients throughout Japan, Hawaii, Canada and the U.S for the last 20 years. 

 This unique form of sound therapy rejeuvenates the energetic flow in the body.  It is scientifically proven to increases the happy hormones serotonin and oxytocin levels.  

It decreases stress cortisol levels and increases skin moisture and slows heart rate.  All organs are affected via the vegus nerve which means this method of sound healing absolutely positively affects your well-being.  

 The higher frequencies can entrain the mind into a deeper state of relaxation. 

The immediate effect is deep relaxation.

Own the Kita Biosonic


Some clients prefer coming for treatments but you might prefer using The Kita Biosonic in the comfort of your own home, sharing with your family and friends.

Using the Kita Biosonic, you allow yourself to co-create your own sonic well-being journey and use your own timing and intuition to give your body what it needs when you want it.  

Use this method of sound healing to 

re-harmonize, re-gain the stillness, relax.