Sound treatments, massage therapies & activities to keep us at peace.

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Therapies & Workshops

Japanese Vibrational Sound Therapy

Whilst in Japan I trained in a new sound therapy.   It puts the vibrations of specially composed music deep into the body and massages you at cellular level.  The sound resonates with the whole  body, the bones, blood, muscle, lymph, cells...the whole thing.  It calms the nervous system and gives you deep relaxation in a short amount of time.  It is a very gentle treatment and you remain fully clothed. The deeper frequencies dissolve tension, the higher frequencies can send the mind into a more relaxed state. Includes leg and foot massage £40

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Mandala Workshops/Peace Pole Collaborations

A mandala workshop is designed for children or adults to practise a type of cleansing meditation using breath and words.  You can learn to focus your breathing and your thoughts while creating your own work of art using positive words of your choice.  Workshops of 4 people or more. Contact for further details.  

Peace Poles are internationally recognized hand crafted monuments which declare the words May Peace Prevail On Earth in different languages. It is a catalyst which can bring people of diversity together linked by the common wish for peace.  

If you would like to order a peace pole or 'plant' one at home or in your local community  or school i can assist.

One such recent project is

Swedish Holistic Oil Massage/Pregnancy Massage

You will get a very warming,  deep and thorough Swedish Oil massage.  My clients include people who suffer from back pain, arthritus, muscle aches, insomnia, fibromyalga, fatique and stress.  A good massage can help you into a better space. Your  body will love you for it.


Pregnancy is wonderful AND those 9 months and beyond can  take its toll on your body and moods. A pregnancy massage can really relax you before birth.  It can also relieve a tight lower back, aching shoulders and bloated feet etc.  Give yourself some special time before baby comes.

Both treatments from £38 for 1hour

What is behind the method?

What is my mission?

I live and work in the Bexhill/Hastings/Battle area of sunny East Sussex.

In this day and age, peace has to be  one of our ultimate human aspirations. 

I did a Japanese degree at University and ended up living in a Buddhist temple in Japan in my 20's. Well that was the first time i experienced  wishing peace for others  brings your own peace. So I'm still trying and  that is my motive behind the therapies.  I use sound in some form or other to help bring people into a peaceful place because it works and is pleasant for the client and myself.  I love what i do.


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